Books are on their way to California schools!

Our pals Mark and Kelly at USPS stamped copies of 94 Maidens and sent them on their way today, headed to the west coast, earmarked for Newport Harbor High School, Costa Mesa High, Estancia High School, PUC CALS Charter Middle & Early College High School, Corona del Mar High School, and the Newport-Mesa Unified School District – NMUSD! Teachers, please use our books to help grow informed young adults who will reject prejudice and hate and learn from this horrible history, so that they can safeguard our future from genocide, because knowledge is power. #Holocaust #education #preciousresources #94Maidens

Bucks County Middle School buys more copies of 94 Maidens!

Thank you, Mrs. Trammell for purchasing a classroom set of 94 Maidens for your 7th graders! We hope that they find the book a meaningful read, that is has a huge impact on them, and that it helps them become more enlightened, empathetic, moral, and tolerant human beings. #Holocaust #education

We also had a very meaningful survivor presentation with Mrs. Sarah Meller who escaped the Nazis by becoming a nine-year-old partisan hiding with her mother and five-year-old sister in the mountains of Yugoslavia! And we were shown one of a kind artifacts from Holocaust Awareness Museum of Philadelphia curator Don Wittenberg.

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Author sends books to CA schools in response to Anti-Semitic incident

In response to the recent incident in which high school students from the Newport-Mesa Unified School District in Los Angeles, CA formed a swastika out of red Solo cups and gave the Nazi salute at a recent weekend party and then joyfully posted a pic of it on Instagram, 94 Maidens author Rhonda Fink-Whitman has decided to send a copy of her book to each of the schools mentioned in the LA Times article about it with the hope that the students will read 94 Maidens and as a result, become more enlightened, moral, empathetic, and tolerant human beings.

From the author:
“I wish I could send more copies of 94 Maidens, but alas, I’m a poor struggling writer. Newport Harbor High School, Newport-Mesa Unified School District – NMUSD, Estancia High School, Costa Mesa, Ca, Costa Mesa High School, PUC CALS Charter Middle & Early College High School, and Corona del Mar High School – this is my gift to you. Please have your students read and discuss. The free downloadable teacher’s guide is available here at this site – at the Teacher’s Guide tab. Just trying to help. We all must do something!
For me, it’s not a choice, it’s a responsibility.
With love and respect,


Swing and TWO MISSES!

Arizona House and Washington State Senate each recently passed lame bills only “encouraging” Holocaust education. Nice try and probably good intent, but THESE ARE NOT MANDATES! The AZ bill goes to the State Senate next and the WA bill goes to the State House where they can each be amended in their respective Education Committees. We need Arizona and Washington State advocates to speak up and beseech your State Senators and State Representatives to turn these nothing-burger bills into real 100% mandates! As they stand now, they would make no changes to the already voluntary systems currently in place! Not good enough! AZ and WA residents, please contact us at to get involved.

Oregon mandate to be introduced today!

A teenager is making history in Oregon today as her bill to mandate Holocaust education is introduced! Go get em’ Claire Sarnowski! In loving memory of Holocaust survivor/educator Alter Wiener who worked tirelessly to make this happen and will be there in spirit, no doubt! #94Maidens was proud to provide support for this bill and author Rhonda Fink-Whitman proudly submitted testimony for today’s legislative hearing. Many thanks to Senator Rob Wagner for championing our cause! Good luck team! #thingsthatmatter #OR11


Please help us make Oregon the 11th state to mandate Holocaust education! We have a bill! SB 664 needs your support! It will be introduced in the coming weeks. Please contact OR legislators and ask them to co-sponsor it. Sample scripts and legislative contact info can be found at this link. Please SHARE and ask your friends to call and email too! Ty! #OR11

Alter Wiener, OR Holocaust survivor