94 Maidens spotted at BookCon in NYC!

It’s not every day that 94 Maidens takes a field trip. However, one loyal reader, a student
who was introduced to the book by her wonderful teacher at William Tennent High School outside of Phila., PA, decided to share her love for this story by taking the book with her to Book Con in New York City! We are so honored! Take your own journey by reading 94 Maidens today!


The Maine Holocaust education bill passed through the House but “under the hammer” meaning no recorded vote was taken and now it goes back to the Senate on Monday. So, your help is needed once again! PLEASE call/email your state senator and ask him/her to support LD 1050. The bill will then go back to the House and one more time to the Senate. They need to know how serious we are about this law. Time is of the essence! If this bill times out this legislative session we will have to start from scratch next year!! Please act now! Appreciate your support! Spread the word! Share!

Great author event at United Methodist Communities of Pitman, NJ!

Many thanks to Sharon Yesner and United Methodist Communities at Pitman for inviting 94 Maidens author Rhonda Fink-Whitman to come speak to the residents and guests about her book and her mission to mandate Holocaust education in all 50 states! It was a fabulous event chock full of good news and the very latest updates!

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Amazon and to book the author contact: 94maidens@gmail.com

This beautiful map!

Thanks to the World Jewish Congress for creating this ever-expanding beautiful map! We’ll have to update it by the end of the month, adding Texas and hopefully Maine as well! 94 Maidens is proud to be leading the charge! #Mandate #Holocaust #Education

Call to action for all Maine residents!

Do you live in Maine?
Maine’s Holocaust education bill (LD 1050) has made it through Senate committee (a vote of 34-0!) Next stop is the House where it will most likely encounter some opposition. If you live in Maine PLEASE email your local representative and ask them to support the bill! They may vote TOMORROW!
Here is a link to the Maine House Representatives:
It is organized by last name and then under their picture is where they are from. If you click under their picture their email shows up. Please share and thank you for your support!

Oregon is #11! OR and TX bills pass unanimously!

This legislative session brings us two more mandates – Texas last week and Oregon today! Including Washington, we now have 13 states with laws on the books regarding Holocaust education! Just waiting for Office of the Governor Greg Abbott and Governor Kate Brown to sign! Congrats to our TX and OR teams!! We’re so proud of your passion and perseverance! ~ Rhonda ❣️❣️

Read about Oregon’s victory here.


Our Texas team successfully passed their Holocaust education mandate last week and Oregon will pass theirs today thanks to the tireless efforts of our OR team of 14-year-old Claire Sarnowski, her mom Carol, and the late great Alter Wiener! Go teams! Let’s get er’ done! Watch:https://bit.ly/2MfC2SL