Virtual Book Club!

94 Maidens author Rhonda Fink-Whitman was excited to meet the delightful ladies of the Sarasota Book Club this weekend and so pleased to join their Zoom meeting and discussion of her book.

If your book club is interested in reading either 94 Maidens or Mrs. Graceland and would also like to invite the author for a Zoom Q&A, please contact:


5.0 out of 5 stars by Michelle Kiesel “Great for the Classroom!”


94 Maidens was a fascinating story of the author’s family history as she discovered important historical knowledge in “real-time.” At first read, alone, the novel was gripping. As an English teacher, reading through it independently first, was a necessity. There were several times throughout the reading where there needed to be a pause– as it needed to be put down because the horrific circumstances described were emotionally gripping. This novel held the attention throughout by offering “present time” vs. references to WWII. The information was being revealed as the author made her discoveries about her ancestors. The novel also offered several scenes representing flashbacks to reveal the horrors of the Holocaust. The eighth-grade students were thoroughly engrossed in the novel and learned a first-hand account of the painful experiences of the characters in the novel.

From an educational standpoint, there were several opportunities for higher-order thinking activities, the inclusion of literary techniques, and deep discussion on the topic of the Holocaust.”

Thank you so much for this wonderful 5-star review, Michelle! Coming from an 8th grade teacher who uses 94 Maidens in the classroom, I truly appreciate the recommendation! I hope that other teachers grades 7-12 will find the book and its free downloadable teacher’s guide a vaulable classroom resource for teaching Holocaust as well! Your comments and feedback are truly so very much appreciated!! ~ Rhonda 🙂

Anniversary of Maiden’s Liberation

On this day in 1945, British troops liberated Bergen Belsen. Richard Dimbleby was the first broadcaster to enter the camp and, overcome, broke down several times while making his report. The BBC initially refused to play the report, as they could not believe the scenes he had described, and it was only broadcast after Dimbleby threatened to resign. As you listen to his broadcast, keep in mind that our little 94 Maidens girl and her mother emerged from the hell he describes. Listen here

Originally broadcast 19 April 1945. Warning – not for the faint of heart.