5.0 out of 5 stars From History to Comedy by Joanie D.

94 Maidens is one of my all-time favorite books. Rhonda Fink Whitman has written with a whole different style. Fun and comedic, Mrs. Graceland. Read it!! Fun book for shore reading. The Elvis references were funny. The characters were descriptive enough you can picture everyone. I thought it was extra enjoyable at my age. It’s not a serious nonfiction like 94 Maidens. More of an entertainment book in between the longer ones. Congrats Rhonda Fink Whitman. Best of luck with your ‘new baby!’”

Thank you so much for your amazing five-star Amazon review for my brand new book, Mrs. Graceland, Joanie D.! I’m glad that you found it to be a light, funny, enjoyable read and that you had fun spotting all of the Elvis references too! I’m also both both thrilled and flattered that 94 Maidens is one of your all-time favorite books! Your kind words about both of my books are so very much appreciated! Thank you! – Rhonda ❤️❤️