Author meets Rising Pop Star!

Author Rhonda Fink-Whitman had so much fun instructing America’s Got Talent first ever winner Bianca Ryan’s 25th Birthday Bash at Painting with a Twist this weekend! Bianca is so sweet, so extremely talented, and really so very lovely. Her family and friends are amazing too, including the adorable Dizzy Miss Lizzy Wurst! Both Bianca and Lizzy now have two new books on their to-read lists. Rhonda hopes they enjoy the reads so much that they decide to share with their followers. She would be sooooo grateful!! Thanks in advance ladies and Happy and Healthy Birthday, beautiful Bianca! 🎂🎨🎁🎈🎉❣️

If you love music, you’ll lol with Mrs. Graceland! 
94 Maidens is a sad true Holocaust story.
Stay tuned for Bianca Ryan to return to your TV screen soon! 


5.0 out of 5 stars From History to Comedy by Joanie D.

94 Maidens is one of my all-time favorite books. Rhonda Fink Whitman has written with a whole different style. Fun and comedic, Mrs. Graceland. Read it!! Fun book for shore reading. The Elvis references were funny. The characters were descriptive enough you can picture everyone. I thought it was extra enjoyable at my age. It’s not a serious nonfiction like 94 Maidens. More of an entertainment book in between the longer ones. Congrats Rhonda Fink Whitman. Best of luck with your ‘new baby!’”

Thank you so much for your amazing five-star Amazon review for my brand new book, Mrs. Graceland, Joanie D.! I’m glad that you found it to be a light, funny, enjoyable read and that you had fun spotting all of the Elvis references too! I’m also both both thrilled and flattered that 94 Maidens is one of your all-time favorite books! Your kind words about both of my books are so very much appreciated! Thank you! – Rhonda ❤️❤️

Acknowledged in the Jerusalem Post!

“Fink-Whitman worries there aren’t enough Claires…” Great article in the The Jerusalem Post / acknowledging my work and that of my Oregon mini-me, Claire Sarnowski. Thanks for the important piece, Judd Olanoff. This one is a #MustRead. #Holocaust #education

Read it here

It Figures!

A HUGE thank you to It Figures Fitness For Women in Philadelphia for proudly displaying my new book Mrs. Graceland on the front desk for everyone to see and order! So grateful for your constant support! So many gals at the gym have also read 94 Maidens at your recommendation! It Figures Fitness For Women is always a place where women support other women! And they give you warm, friendly, personal attention to make sure you get the most out of your workout too! Thanks, Ladies!! 😘😘💪
Get your copy here! Now, back to those crunches! 😉

Happy Labor Day!

I never set out to be an author of even one book, but now the fruits of my labor have yielded two! One will make you laugh and one will make you cry. Please read one or the other, or both! They make great book club reads and are readily available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.
Reviews welcome!
Mrs. Graceland
94 Maidens
Enjoy the holiday, everyone! 😊🎉🎉