5.0 out of 5 stars94 Maidens- Fascinating!by P. Schafer July 13, 2019 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

“94 Maidens is a fascinating read. The multi-storyline is captivating to understand the different layers of surviving the Holocaust and one family’s journey to uncover the truth about their ancestors’ past. I first learned about 94 Maidens the video from Holocaust survivor, Alter Wiener. This video is a must see for all students. Rhonda Fink-Whitman did an incredible job putting together various mini interviews of students on college campuses asking them what they know about the Holocaust. Shockingly, many were not able to answer basic questions surrounding this time in history. The students who were knowledgable about the Holocaust were educated in states where Holocaust education had been mandated. Fink-Whitman’s book and video are a great combo to use in the classroom. As a middle school teacher (7th grade), I show the 94 Maidens video before our Holocaust/WWII unit-every year, and my students cannot believe college kids aren’t very familiar with the Holocaust. This video is the best starting point to dive into this important topic. At the end of our unit, I show 94 Maidens again and it’s amazing to see my students vying to answer these questions with their new found knowledge. They feel empowered with their newly acquired learning of the Holocaust. 94 Maidens is a good story to bring Holocaust learning to life. As students read these historical stories, I used the book 94 Maidens for examples of: Multiple plot lines, suspense, character development, flashbacks, creating descriptive scenes in the reader’s mind, etc. I applaud Rhonda Fink-Whitman for her continuous work to help bring Holocaust and genocide studies to all states. Thank you for writing this book and making the video- it has made a BIG difference in my life and my students’ as well!”

Wow! Thank you so much, P. Schafer!! This review is outstanding! I am so glad that you are able to use both the book and The Mandate Video in your classroom so successfully! Empowering students is exactly why I wrote 94 Maidens and why I made the video! I’m also so excited that you are able to use the book as an example of writing styles for the students! You sound like an amazingly creative educator who is changing lives by enlightening kids in a variety of important ways. Thank you for using my work in your classroom and for writing such an heartfelt and comprehensivly glowing five-star review and for your vital part in helping the cause of Holocaust education! You are one teacher who is undoubtedly making a difference! xoxo