Smile for the weekend!

Meet Lexie! Lexie is a very smart cat from Lake Oswego, OR with discerning taste in books. She plucked 94 Maidens off the family hearth and apparently has chosen to read it! Thanks, Lexie! We hope you find it a PURRFECT read! (Thanks to our fabulous OR mandate team for the adorable pics! Love you guys!) ♥️

Sam Malone Show

THANK YOU so much, Sam Malone Show, for having 94 Maidens author Rhonda Fink-Whitman on your big fabulous radio show this morning talking about Texas’ brand new bill to mandate Holocaust Education in the Lone Star State! Your support of this bill from the beginning has been essential to its unanimous passage and for that we are eternally grateful. Can’t wait for the Office of the Governor Greg Abbott to sign it! There is a victory party in our very near future! 🎉🎉 Link to podcast to follow!

A Yom HaShoah gift!

Great news out of Texas and how significant that this happened on Yom HaShoah! The Senate passed its Holocaust education bill unanimously today! Bravo, Senator Jose Menendez and our dedicated San Antonio team (four fabulous ladies in a car!)
Read all about it here

Yom HaShoah

On Yom HaShoah we remember from #94Maidens: Regina and Manfred on their wedding day, Rosa and little Joe in Berlin, baby Tania with her puppe who is still going strong at 80 years young today!
#Holocaust #NeverForget #NeverAgain

Calling on residents of Massachusetts!

If you live in Massachusetts, this bill needs your attention! Please reach out to your local state senator and help build support. This is a very strong bill. It’s a mandate! Thank you for introducing this bill, Senator Michael Rodrigues! #Holocaust #education View bill details here.