“Thank you’s” from students!

Recently received a stack of full-page, hand-written “thank you’s” from the students at Holicong Middle School for visiting them, telling them my story of advocacy, bringing a Holocaust survivor for them to meet, and WWII artifacts for them to see & touch. They were especially inspired by the story of 14-yr. old Claire Sarnowski, a girl their age, who is changing history in Oregon by leading the charge to mandate Holocaust education there. One student, A.J. wrote, “History is the most important teacher. And denying that notion is denial of reality, and the value of learning itself.” I thought Churchill must have said that, but no, it was actually A.J.! Really bright kids, plus and an amazingly innovative teacher, equals an unforgettable learning experience. It’s a recipe that never fails! I thank you profoundly, Mrs. T. and students, for all of your heartfelt messages! I’ll treasure them always! ~ Rhonda ♥️

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