Author sends books to CA schools in response to Anti-Semitic incident

In response to the recent incident in which high school students from the Newport-Mesa Unified School District in Los Angeles, CA formed a swastika out of red Solo cups and gave the Nazi salute at a recent weekend party and then joyfully posted a pic of it on Instagram, 94 Maidens author Rhonda Fink-Whitman has decided to send a copy of her book to each of the schools mentioned in the LA Times article about it with the hope that the students will read 94 Maidens and as a result, become more enlightened, moral, empathetic, and tolerant human beings.

From the author:
“I wish I could send more copies of 94 Maidens, but alas, I’m a poor struggling writer. Newport Harbor High School, Newport-Mesa Unified School District – NMUSD, Estancia High School, Costa Mesa, Ca, Costa Mesa High School, PUC CALS Charter Middle & Early College High School, and Corona del Mar High School – this is my gift to you. Please have your students read and discuss. The free downloadable teacher’s guide is available here at this site – at the Teacher’s Guide tab. Just trying to help. We all must do something!
For me, it’s not a choice, it’s a responsibility.
With love and respect,