RIP Arthur Stern; father, grandfather, friend, American Hero

We at 94 Maidens are heartbroken and completely saddened by another devastating loss as we mourn the recent passing of our dear friend, American WWII HERO, MR. ARTHUR STERN. Arthur was sweet, humble, and as kind as they get and today would have been his 97th birthday. Arthur was an amazing father, grandfather, soldier, citizen, and we were blessed to be able to call him our friend. We thank him for his service and wish him a happy heavenly birthday. May he rest in eternal peace. This world just lost a true mensch in every sense of the word. The void is palpable. His memory is already our blessing. For many years, Arthur would not speak of his experiences as a foot soldier in Germany during WWII. In 2012, we were lucky to be able to get him to finally open up. Please click here to watch as Arthur describes what he saw when he liberated the Nazi concentration camp, Dachau. You can find more video clips of our interview with Arthur Stern at our 94 Maidens YouTube channel. RIP Sir Arthur. We adored you. You were a great man and you will be greatly missed. 😢