Author visit with students who read 94 Maidens at Bensalem High School!

94 Maidens author Rhonda Fink-Whitman and Holocaust survivor David Tuck met with Mrs. Christine Elberson’s “Triumph and Tragedy” class today at Bensalem High School in PA to discuss the book and also hear Mr. Tuck’s harrowing story of survival. This is the second year in a row that Rhonda has been invited to BHS to discuss the book with students and she says that she is always blown away by the take-away lessons that the students tell her they get from reading 94 Maidens and how it has impacted them and even changed how they approach things in their lives now. Students described feeling more understanding and patient with a new-found desire to dig deeper to see what lies beneath certain habits that they may find unappealing in others, including elder members of their families. They also described feeling more tolerant since reading the book. They added that even the saddest parts of the story were written with grace and dignity for the characters. And one bright and lovely student, Lily, called Rhonda a “bad-ass” because in the book, Rhonda didn’t stop until she accomplished her goals and Lily felt that there was something to be learned from that as well! Wow! Music to our ears!!!
THANK YOU, Mrs. Elberson and students for reading 94 Maidens in the classroom and for inviting us to visit so that we could learn and discuss more! We’re starting our weekend with a warm feeling in our hearts thanks to all of you! Also, we donated a copy of 94 Maidens to the High School library so that every student at BHS would have access to the book. Happy reading!