“I’m glad I read it” by Cheryle on Goodreads

94 Maidens was a tale that more of us need to read and remember, especially today’s young people. The horrors of the #Holocaust are being denied or glossed over by a lot of people, and the message of what human beings were subjected to in the name of “racial purity” must never be forgotten. I’m glad I read it.”

Agreed. Thank you, Cheryle. ~ Rhonda

Austin Meehan Middle School to read 94 Maidens!

Congratulations and a heartfelt THANK YOU to 7th and 8th grade History teacher, Mrs. Sheryl Barreto, who just purchased a classroom set of 94 Maidens for her students at Austin Meehan Middle School in Philadelphia, PA!

Mrs. Barreto will use 94 Maidens and its free downloadable teacher’s guide (available at this website) to help her satisfy Pennsylvania’s Act 70 and supplement her lessons on the Holocaust and WWII.

Kudos to Mrs. Barreto!  We met the students today and they are bright, articulate, and eager to read 94 Maidens!  These students are blessed to have an amazing, wonderful, and caring teacher like Mrs. Barreto!

If you are an educator, teaching grades 7 – 12, and would like to purchase a set of 94 Maidens for your classroom please contact us at 94maidens@gmail.com.