94 Maidens participates in Cardinal O’Hara High School’s Adopt a Book Program!

94 Maidens was proud to participate in Cardinal O’Hara High School’s “Adopt a Book” program! Students chose to read 94 Maidens during their summer break and author Rhonda Fink-Whitman appeared today to discuss the book with the students. The reception was awesome! The students said that they found the book to be very meaningful and that they related to the story and the characters in many ways. Plus, they now know more about the Holocaust than they did before. Rhonda says that makes her soooo happy because that’s exactly why she wrote it!!  Many thanks to Cardinal O’Hara and Gravy Wars author, Lorraine Ranalli for the kind invitation to participate!! See more pics at our 94 Maidens Facebook page!


5.0 out of 5 stars Great book! By S. Vanhoose Top Contributor: TOP 1000 REVIEWER on September 23, 2018
“This was a great book and an easy read. The best thing about this is that it brings the Holocaust to the present. Rather than being a detached history lesson, it connects it to the present, as we trace the journey of a “real” modern-day woman as she uncovers her tragic family history. The book is written on a middle school to high school level, but is also a good read for adults. It also touches on a few issues that are not mentioned much in many other Holocaust memoirs. Great book to add to your collection of WWII memoirs!”
Thank you, S. Vanhoose! Your awesome 5-star review on Amazon.com is so very thoughtful, insightful, and much appreciated! I understand that you are a H.S. teacher and I hope you’ll consider using 94 Maidens in your classroom! Be sure to download the free Teacher’s Guide at www.94maidens.com. Thanks again! ~ Rhonda

94 Maidens in the newspaper again!

In case you missed it, here is the very fine article about 94 Maidens in this month’s Milestones Newspaper! (Many thanks to ace reporter Barbara Sherf!)

Since the interview, CT mandated Holocaust education too, bringing the actual number of mandated states to 10! But not for long! Great things are happening OUT WEST for 2019! Check back with us on our facebook page and here at www.94maidens.com for updates!

Happy reading! Happy Friday! Shabbat shalom! Prayers for the folks and areas being impacted by Hurricane Florence! Good weekend to all!

L’shana tova!

L’shana tova to all of our readers, educators, advocates, five-star reviewers, and friends from #94Maidens author Rhonda Fink-Whitman and her Mutti (“the kid on the cover” as she likes to call herself.) Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy, safe, sweet, prosperous, and successful New Year!
All good things in 5779! ❤️

Help Oregon be the next state to mandate Holocaust education!

Oregon sets the stage to become the next state to mandate Holocaust education! WE NEED EVERY OREGON RESIDENT TO SUPPORT Rob Wagner for State Senate‘s bill which will be introduced to the OR ed committee later this month. Call, email, tweet, & FB message your OR senator and ask them to support this bill! Our OR team of Holocaust survivor Alter Wiener, student Claire and her mom Carol Sarnowski are making it happen! This should inspire others in the remaining 39 non-mandated states to take action! It can be done! Go Oregon!!! #NeverForget #NeverAgain

Read more here KATU.COM

94 Maidens’ hard work highlighted on Labor Day!

Good Labor Day to all! Here’s to all of our hard work all year long!

94 Maidens’ work has been highlighted in the September issue of Milestones Newspaper for the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging! The good news is that since the interview with author Rhonda Fink-Whitman, we have added Connecticut as another state mandated for Holocaust education which brings our total to 10!

Read the article HERE on pp. 16-17!