5.0 out of 5 stars “This compelling story had me turning the pages at a breakneck speed…” By bROWNIE on November 26, 2017 “…As a former high school English teacher I found the author’s style and language very palatable. Without being too didactic the lessons taught in this book raise your knowledge and understanding of how strong the human spirit is! I have read MANY stories about the Holocaust; however I had never come across this one until now!! Truly a gem!!!

Thank you so much for the GREAT five-star review on Amazon, bROWNIE! The fact that you taught high school English for so many years and found my book to be both meaningful and easy to digest is music to my ears! Thanks again for taking the time to let me and the rest of the world know how you feel about 94 Maidens! ~ Rhonda 🙂