High Five! 94 Maidens Celebrates its Fifth Year!

Fifth Year Golden Laurel Wreath

Can we get a HIGH FIVE? This month 94 Maidens celebrates its 5th Anniversary! We can’t believe it’s been five years since the book was published! A lot has happened in five years! Some of what followed after publication included: a viral video, a partnership with the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center, Holocaust education mandates in THREE MORE STATES, a teacher’s guide, recommendation for use in the classroom by both the PA and NJ Depts. of Ed, implementation of the book and its teacher’s guide into several school curricula, formation of a junior league of Holocaust educators and facilitators, and the introduction of a Congressional Resolution! Not to mention the many book signings, book clubs, author appearances, and chance meetings along the way with supporters like YOU who have helped 94 Maidens become so much more than another book on the shelf about the Holocaust. It’s become a MOVEMENT! And we’re just getting started! Thank you for accompanying us on this incredible journey! Please continue to share our stories and encourage your friends and family to READ the book, LIKE our Facebook page, WATCH our YouTube channel, FOLLOW us on Twitter, and STAY TUNED for what comes next! It’s guaranteed to be something truly exciting! Oh, and 5??? Thanks again for all of the fabulous five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads! Please keep those comin’!

With lots of love, Rhonda <3