5 stars From Goodreads by Len Knighton “94 Maidens is the riveting story of the author’s family history as she discovered it and perceived it as told in the historical novel portion of the book. Three tributaries contribute to this one river of suspense and emotion. Rhonda Fink-Whitman, with her husband and son, takes an eventful journey through the portals that enable her to learn of her ancestors who lived and died during the Holocaust. One branch of the river, pictured on the cover of the book, is also a branch of her family tree, a branch splintered but never destroyed. The third branch, Sarah and her 94 maidens, is the focus of perhaps the most memorable story of all. The only negative I have of the book is in what could have been a beautiful reflection by the author of this third story, for it is, in my admittedly Gentile eyes, a modern-day version of the legend of Masada. In resistance to tyranny separated by 19 centuries, the Jews denied their oppressors a final victory.
I probably heard of this book on an NPR program a number of years ago. It was one of the first books on my Kindle Wish List but not chosen until last week. A quick read, it is, yes, another in a long bibliography of Holocaust accounts. But if you take the time to read it, you will never forget the 94 maidens.”

Wow! Thank you so much, Len, for taking the time to read 94 Maidens and for writing such an eloquent 5-star review!!! I love how you painted your description of my story so beautifully as a river with three tributaries (are you a writer too?) and since there are many examples of martyrdom in Jewish history, I never personally connected 94 Maidens particularly to Masada, but boy does that fit and I am thrilled that you were able to make that connection!! It’s always gratifying to me, as an author, to see my readers connect in ways I never even imagined! Especially readers who are not of the Jewish faith! I am glad that I left that for you to discover on your own. Well done! I’m also so pleased that you finally got to it on your Kindle wish list and I’m especially elated that it did not disappoint! Thanks again!! ~ Rhonda

Interview with Dawn Stensland Mendte for upcoming METV2 segment!

Great interview today with Dawn Stensland Mendte for an upcoming segment about Holocaust education on “Another Thing” on METV2 which will air Sat. @ 5:30p and Sun. @ 1p.  Don’t miss it!

Thanks to our dear friend Dawn and her crew for coming to the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center to interview 94 Maidens author Rhonda Fink-Whitman, Holocaust survivor Ernie Gross, and museum president Chuck Feldman on this very important issue!

And many thanks to Debbie Goetz Media Connections, LLC for making it happen!!!

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Some of our 5-star reviews on Amazon first come in the form of a personal email to the author. Today, for a change, we wanted to share some recent 5-star emails as they are all so very much appreciated! 🙂

“Wow. I knew it would be good, but not THAT good!”
“I downloaded the book as I found out about it from Hadassah Magazine. I could not put it down, and for 2 days I did little else but read.”
“A remarkable book. I have just gifted a copy to a friend, she will love this book. Thanks again for your had work and research.”

Thank you for these truly kind messages! We treasure them!
If you have not read the book yet, please pick up your copy of 94 Maidens in Kindle or paperback! It’s a good, solid summer read! Teachers, don’t forget your free guide at 94maidens.com! 


5.0 out of 5 stars  A book not to be missed by Randi in Virginia

Riveting!  Engaging and based upon true events.  Ms. Fink-Whitman eloquently filled in the blanks of the story.  Highly recommend this to all.”
Thank you for reading 94 Maidens and taking the time to write a such a nice 5-star review on Amazon.com, Randi!  Your kinds words about my book are so very much appreciated! ~ Rhonda


We’re used to passing along “thank you” letters to our Holocaust survivors but not used to getting them ourselves.  These are from the amazing 7th graders at Holicong Middle School in Bucks County, PA.  We are so touched by the heartfelt messages!  They mean the world to us!  Thank you for the very kind notes!!!  Rhonda’s heart is full and she’s all farkempt!!  THIS is why she does it!!
Here are a few of her favorite snippets:
“This inspired me to go on a little crusade myself…”
“As a Chinese person, I’ve had to face racism and discrimination…I would like to somehow get involved…”
“I am grateful that I got to listen…I feel like it will really help me…I appreciate that if something happens at school I can talk to you through email…your story (about combating bullying) is something that I am now thinking of trying…”
“I was nervous…but when you said your first sentence I knew this was going to be a great assembly…I am 100% on board…”
“You have inspired me to always speak up for what is right..”
“What you said makes me want to become more involved…”
“I am inspired by you and your actions…”
“I felt better when I saw you in person…thank you for inspiring me…with love…”
“You really opened my eyes…”
“You have taught me how to deal with bullies..you were able to teach me some great lessons that I will value forever…”
“Your words moved me…you have changed my school for the better…you are my hero.”