Painting With a Purpose Tonight! Join us!

Seats are still available to paint the ‪‎Hamsa‬ tonight to benefit the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center!  Join us as wepaint and sip‬ for a good cause!

Come, pay at the door, and wine and snacks are on 94 Maidens Author/Stage Artist Rhonda Fink-Whitman!  Or pre-register here!

See you at 6:15 tonight!  We are going to put the FUN in FUNdraiser‬!  Promise!!

Looking forward to seeing you there!  Bring a friend!

This is Bensalem’s first PWAP!  We’re so proud and grateful!  Lets do this!!



St. Eugene School

IMG_3695Another successful survivor program today!  This time at St. Eugene School in Primos, PA!  Thanks to dedicated teachers like Mrs. Kellianne Miley who invited us to speak to her wonderful students!  Holocaust education continues!

Michigan #7!!


Michigan #7

It is with great pride, a full heart, and tears of joy in my eyes that I announce that the Michigan State Senate has finally passed its Holocaust‬ Education‬ bill which now goes to Governor Rick Snyder for a signature!!  Inspired by what we did in PA, MI now has it’s own mandate and is the 7th state in the country to pass such a law!

Thank you to my bff against genocide, the fabulous Professor Susan Bitensky, and her brilliant students at MSU College of Law who worked tirelessly to get this done, and to State Representative Klint Kesto who authored the bill and never allowed it to fall off the radar!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  7 down and 43 to go!!  Who’s next? ~ Rhonda



Folks are still discovering 94 Maidens!
5.0 out of 5 stars! ‎ A Must Read‬!!  By Ozarkdion on Amazon‬

“I just finished reading 94 Maidens last evening – hard through the tears. . .but such a well written, sad and beautiful sharing of truths, extreme evil and pure goodness. . . a true rendering of a family and life, death, unimaginable sorrow, written so well – weaving and flowing and connecting the horrible past and the hope-filled future.”

Thank you, Ozarkdion!  Your words are extremely beautiful and your five-star review is so very much appreciated!  Looks like you’re an amazing writer yourself!  I am touched and so grateful!  Thanks again! ~ Rhonda

Yom HaShoah 2016

Huge turnout to hear Author/Advocate Rhonda Fink-Whitman, who was honored to be the featured speaker following an emotional service to remember the Six Million. #‎Neverforget‬

IMG_3883IMG_3858IMG_3863IMG_3864aIMG_3875IMG_3878IMG_3880IMG_3856Thank you, Sheryl Flacker Stern and Temple Sinai Dresher for inviting us to be part of your very special Yom HaShoah Commemoration.  It was emotional, it was beautiful, and it was incredibly meaningful.  It moved Rhonda so much she didn’t think she could take the stage afterward. We are so grateful for your hospitality and your commitment to preserving the memory of the Six Million.  ‪#‎NeverForget‬IMG_3870a

Beautiful thank you notes plus an original poem from the kids!


Totally touched by the outpouring of love from Mrs. Trammell’s 7th grade Holicong MS students!Author Rhonda Fink-Whitman received 140 wonderful personal thank you letters from the students for coming to their school and speaking to them aboutHolocaust education and for bringing survivor Ernie Gross with her to tell them his story.One student, Gavin, was so impacted by the presentation, he not only wrote a beautiful thank you note, but an amazing, inspired poem as well.  It brought a tear to her eye and made her heart smile and we think it will do the same for you…

Eight Months Time by Gavin Okolichany
Concentrate, that was all you do
Worked until death, because you’re a Jew
This is not right treatment
But no one will help you
No one to set you free
But one with broken wings
All of you agree
You are a caged bird
You have not eaten
Nor drank or slept
You just work, you are kept
You are slaves, pushed too hard
Without another word
It will be a great struggle
As you work for your owners
Year after deadly year
You will quite possibly, die
Just know that no one will cry
Not another man will shed a tear
The emotion has been beat out of them
All that remains, is fear
Because of something you hear
Was that a gunshot, an explosion
Then there at the fences
Men wearing red, white, and blue
Coming to liberate you
As the guards all fall, one by one
Many die at night
Riddled with fear
Except you won’t
In fact it is certain
Suddenly hope
The clang of gear
The allied men
And most important of all
Cheers erupt
The labor is done
Now you have it all
Food, water
You feel again
You rejoice
But you will remember
You carry the scars
You bear the memories
Of people and marches afar
So congratulations young Jew
You survived the war
Now you’re forever remembered
Even after death
You’re a man with a story
So go out to the town
Share your story with the world
Tell me about
You’re eight months in Dachau
This poem is dedicated to three people. Mr. Gross, Ms. Fink-Whitman, and Mrs. Trammell.
Thank you for helping to share stories with everyone.
Gavin Okolichany
Thanks Gavin, thanks kids. You guys got me all farklempt! (You might have to Google that one!) 🙂
With love always,