A Book by Me

Eighth grade student, Noah, is writing A Book By Me about David Tuck’s experience surviving the Holocaust.  Last weekend, Noah showed Dave the drawings that he made to go with the book.  This one will be on the cover.  Noah is doing an amazing job!  
Noah and DaveStudents interested in writing A BOOK by ME can get more info here

Survivor Program at Holicong M. S.

The day that the amazingly dedicated Mrs. Trammell introduced her 7th graders to Auschwitz and Dachau survivor Ernie Gross and author/advocate Rhonda Fink-Whitman.  Many thanks to all-star Carley Kaiser for making it happen!

Mrs. Trammell has been teaching the lessons of the Holocaust to her students for years and didn’t need a law to require her to do so.  Brava, Mrs. Trammell!  We wish all teachers were like you!!!

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