Sunday morning on WOGL’s Philadelphia Agenda

Philadelphia Agenda host Brad Segall (right) does a follow-up interview with 94 Maidens author/activist Rhonda Fink-Whitman (center) and Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center president Chuck Feldman (left) on how they helped Pennsylvania successfully become the 6th state to have a law requiring Holocaust and Genocide education and what happens now.

The show will air this coming Sunday, August 3 at 6:00 am on CBS affiliate 98.1 WOGL-FM.  Don’t miss it!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Well written and well documented true story, By
Laura Lemoine
“If you are interested in true stories from the Holocaust, this is a great read.  The terrible incidences are graphic so not good for those who are very sensitive to tragedy.  I know a lot of the atrocities of the Holocaust and have read true stories, but needed a break from those stories after this read.”
Thank you so much for your very favorable review and thoughtful recommend, Laura! ~ Rhonda

Reaching 4 Peace

This year, just before her birthday, Rhonda received the ‪‎best gift ever‬ from PA Governor Tom Corbett when he signed our ‎Holocaust and ‎Genocide‬ education bill!

Since then, an impressive young man named Jack Stone reached out to us after reading and connecting to 94 Maidens.  He’s an ambassador for peace‬!  Meet Jack, take the pledge at and become an ambassador for peace too!

Isn’t that what we’re all praying for?  ‪#‎AmYisroaelChai‬!


The Jewish Chronicle

“An educator and advocate, ‪‎Fink-Whitman‬ is no doubt proud of her accomplishment since largely due to her efforts, ‪‎Pennsylvania‬ now has a law that not only urges public schools to teach about the ‎Holocaust‬, but there is a mandate that they do so should voluntary participation fail to materialize.” – The Jewish Chronicle, Pittsburgh, PA

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Celebrating Passage of HB 1424!

Lead advocates, legislators, Holocaust survivors and liberators celebrate the new Holocaust and Genocide education law in Pennsylvania! And yes Virginia, THERE IS A REQUIREMENT! 🙂

94 Maidens author Rhonda Fink-Whitman, State Rep.Brendan Boyle, President of the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center Chuck Feldman, and our team of Holocaust survivors and liberators in the Greater Philadelphia area.


See more pics from the celebration and read captions at



Inspired by 94 Maidens’ “The Mandate Video” and the subsequent success of PA to enact a law requiring Holocaust education, the 8th & 9th graders at Temple Shalom of Aberdeen, NJ embarked on a campaign to get more states to #TeachHolocaust.

These kids and their teachers are amazing!

Watch and share their video here:

Get inspired too!

We’ve started a national movement!

All aboard!