#Five Star Friday!

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Story–Wonderful Author By R. H. Welsh

“As the story unfolds, you can’t help getting caught up in the lives of these women. What makes it even more compelling is that it is based on real events happening to real people, living both in the past and the present. Everyone should read this book, especially young people who may not appreciate the affect of the Holocaust on a whole generation of youth.”

Thank you, R.H. Welsh! Your awesome 5-star review with your thoughtful recommendation, especially to our youth, is so greatly appreciated! ~ Rhonda


PA House Republican spokesman Steve Miskin says “…house members are a little antsy about a curriculum mandate, but teacher training — absolutely.”

So let me get this straight…they’re happy to teach the teachers, but NOT the kids?  Huh?

Then he called us “bullies.”  Why?  Because the politicians don’t like that we won’t let them get away with brushing this bill under the carpet or diluting it until it has no worth.  We are not going away and they don’t like that.  We are fighting for what’s right.  Our survivors and WWII veterans deserve more and our children demand better.  Who are the real bullies?  You decide.

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Awesome Kid Alert!


Sam Page chose to help build awareness about the effort to mandate Holocaust education in Pennsylvania as part of his Bar Mitzvah project!

Way to go, Sam!  Great to have you on the team to #mandatePA and mazel tov on your Bar Mitzvah!

Check out his site: Rising to Remember

Staff Favorite in Margate, NJ just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend!

A friend found 94 Maidens at the Margate City Public Library on the shelf marked “Staff Favorites!”
Thank you, MCPL!  We feel very honored and grateful!  If anyone in Margate, NJ can snap a pic of that, we’ll post it here!

Whether you’re at home or at the shore, have a great Memorial Day Holiday, everyone!
Don’t forget to take a moment to remember the meaning of the day. xo


5.0 out of 5 stars Well written, totally engrossing and a real education!
By lovemycats
“This book should be mandatory reading in our schools.  I am ashamed to admit that I learned nothing of the horrors the Jews suffered during the Holocaust.  This is the human side of the war, and much more important to me than this battle and that battle and a bunch of statistics.  What I liked most was how Rhonda Fink-Whitman tied together two stories that came together at the end – her own personal quest for the truth as well as stories of a variety of characters.  The characters were so believable that it was hard to tell fact from fiction!  Plus, my husband is from NE Philadelphia as is the author and he is Jewish, as well.  I have recommended this book to all of my family and friends.”
Thank you so much for your enthusiastic endorsement, lovemycats!  That’s exactly what I was aiming for!  Your recommendation is so greatly appreciated!!  P.S. I love my cats too!  🙂  ~ Rhonda

Election Day!

Good guy to vote for today.  Brendan Boyle authored the original House Bill mandating Holocaust & Genocide education in Pennsylvania.  #BoyleforCongress
UPDATE!  Boyle wins the primary in an upset victory!  Thanks to all who supported him!  Now let’s get him elected in November!!!


5.0 out of 5 stars It was only 70 years ago… By kristie d ferguson
“I think that some people view the Holocaust as something that occurred so long ago and so far away that it might as well have been during the Dark Ages. This horrible thing could never have happened in modern civilization! But it did, and it still does. The story of every single person who was murdered or had to “live” in a camp still exists today.
This is a beautifully organized triad of stories that come together seamlessly to answer Rhonda’s need for information and some understanding of what her family went through to get where they are today. While reading, I was Rhonda. I felt every emotion as if i was on this journey with her. I loved that! When i read a book, I want to become emotionally involved. I want to sit home all weekend and read and read because I just can’t get enough-and that’s exactly what I did! My 12 year old daughter will be reading this very soon, and i look forward to the discussion that we will have. And I am thankful that I am not one of the many who wouldn’t know where to begin.”
Thank you for this beautifully written 5-star review, Kristie!  I feel honored that you were able to put yourself in my place and see that the story has very real modern day implications and that you intend to have your 12-year old daughter read it too!  I hope that “94 Maidens” leads to a meaningful discussion for you both!  I am touched by your kind words!  ~ Rhonda


5.0 out of 5 stars Great Read By Mary Ann

“This was an inspiring book; well written; I highly recommend to all audiences especially young readers who are not familiar with the atrocities committed by the Nazi’s during World War II.”
Thank you, Mary Ann!  Your 5-star review and your recommendation are so very much appreciated!!! ~ Rhonda