On the air tomorrow with Senator Bob Rovner!

Tune in tomorrow (Friday) at 12:30pm as author/advocate Rhonda Fink-Whitman chats it up with former Senator Bob Rovner.

They will discuss the book and the very latest on the effort to mandate Holocaust and Genocide Education in Pennsylvania.   In light of recent events concerning the bill in the Senate, Rhonda may have more questions for the former senator than he has for her!

The roller coaster ride continues!  Don’t miss it!  Hop on board!


YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS but after all of the progress we made with Sen. John C. Rafferty, Jr.‘s amendment to change the language of the bill to “SHALL teach,” some members of the Senate have just proposed a REVERSAL to change it back to “MAY teach” and ensure that Holocaust and Genocide ed in PA remains optional!

Buses will be leaving from the Klein JCC on Mon. Jan 27 – International Holocaust Remembrance Day at 8am.  All are welcome!

If you want to help us lobby our state senators face to face and can join our group on Monday, please email us at 94maidens@gmail.com and we will give you all of the details.  If you cannot, please call your Senators NOW and tell them NOT to reverse the amendment!!!   #mandatePA

Thank you!

Happy MLK Day!

The effort to mandate Holocaust and Genocide education in Pennsylvania includes from left: Rep. Ed Neilson, Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams, author/activist Rhonda Fink-Whitman, advocate Mike Whitman, and Rep. Brendan Boyle.

In honor of Martin Luther King, call your state senator tomorrow and urge him or her to amend HB 1424.  Don’t be silent.  As Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams says, “Make those phones ring.”   #mandatePA  #teachHolocaust  #makeadifference

Amazing article in this month’s issue of SJ Magazine!

Many thanks to Marianne Aleardi, editor extraordinaire of SJ Magazine, for such an incredibly beautiful article about Rhonda, the book, and the cause in the Jan. issue!

“I feel extremely blessed and honored by Marianne’s kind words. Truly makes it all worth it. We will carry on!  We are so fortunate to have her on our team!” ~ Rhonda

Read it here:  http://sjmagazine.net/wide-awake/wide-awake-necessary-lesson/