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5.0 out of 5 stars Heart wrenching story of survival and death, November 17, 2013
By John P. Glaza of Holland, Ohio

“Too many people have forgotten how the Holocaust was not just mass murder but individual stories of the fight for survival.  94 Maidens takes you through these struggles of a family of sisters, not just by blood, but in their faith and comment to each other as well as in G-D.”

Thank you so much, John!  Your words are heartfelt and so very much appreciated!!

Five Star Friday!

5.0 out of 5 stars Ashamed, November 12, 2013

By Douglas Allen “Daily Reader” (Charlotte, NC USA)

“I want to teach my grandson about the Holocaust believing that we must remember so we never repeat. Ninety Four Maidens provided just the personal stories that will help him realize his History texts are about real people. A well written, riveting accounting of the monsters of Nazi Germany.”

Thank you, Doug Allen from Charlotte, NC!!! Your review is so very much appreciated!
Truly, Rhonda

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Thank you, Larry R. from Cape Cod, MA! This one brought a tear to our eyes!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars An important story, well told, November 12, 2013
By Larry R (Cape Cod, MA, USA)
“Less than 70 years have gone by since the Holocaust, and already it’s receding into history. 94 Maidens brings the events of that time back in a visceral, dark, and compelling tale. The author manages to capture both the horror of that period in history, and contemporary ignorance and indifference toward it, in a tale that interweaves the past and the present. It’s obvious that the author has a personal stake, and any slight unevenness in the prose is more than made up for by her passion and emotion.

While I’m not a Holocaust scholar, the book radiates a sense of being very well researched. Perhaps at some point the author will make some of that research available online, as this is not a book that you read, put aside, and move onto whatever is next. After you finish this, you’ll be thinking about it for a good long while. Which is, I’m sure, exactly what the author intended.

Click on Add to Cart now. And after you’re finished reading it, pass it along to someone else.”

Larry gave us 5 stars and we send him 5 hearts in return!


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