94 Maidens debuts INTERNATIONALLY in the UK!

For the first time ever 94 Maidens goes across the pond to LONDON, ENGLAND!!!

Join us for a live event at:

Waterstones, Finchley Rd. 02 Centre, London, NW3

on Saturday, April 6 at 3:00 pm.

If you are in the greater London area, please stop by!  If you know someone else who is, be sure to let them know!

This year we remember Yom HaShoah in London, England.

More sunshine from our readers as we head into spring!

  • Written simply, eloquently, so the reader couldn’t put it down.  Your story was beautiful.  You are so talented — and to have shared your family the way you did … makes your family my family and all of our family. – Deborah

  • Hi! Finished your book within an hour of my 5-hr. flight!  I loved it and was very teary at the end.  I enjoyed the pictures too!  It’s very cool that you and your family researched all this, though it is incomprehensible to think about what transpired during that time period.  It makes me sick! Your mom is a brave and strong woman! – Lori

  • I am making a movie trailer for 94 Maidens for my book report! – Stephanie
Thank you all!!!

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Today is Paul’s 88th Birthday!

Paul survived forced labor in Nazi-occupied Hungary.

You can see clips of our interview with Paul by searching “94 Maidens” on YouTube!

Happy and Healthy Birthday, Paul!  We wish you many, many more!!!

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Our First Book Club Meeting!

Sending out a heartfelt thank you to the bright and beautiful women of The Richboro Book Club for reading 94 Maidens!

We had a lively discussion about the book!

It was such a pleasure meeting (and reconnecting) with all of you!

We truly appreciated your kind words and your wonderful feedback!

So thrilled to have you lovely ladies on Team 94 Maidens!

Thank you!!! ♥

Encourage your book club to read 94 Maidens too!  Book clubs welcome!!!


Books and Bagels was informative and delicious!

Had a fabulous time speaking at Books and Bagels with the Mid-Atlantic Region, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism and the Sisterhood at Congregation Adath Jeshurun of Elkins Park, PA this morning!

THANK YOU ladies, for your warm hospitality and for your amazing support of my book!

Several of the women told me that they have already read 94 Maidens TWICE!!!  I’m kvelling!!!  🙂

It was such a wonderful event and you gals simply are the best!

A very special thank you goes out to my friend since H.S., Amy, for making today happen!  xo

Please click through the following pics from today’s well-attended presentation…




Kind words on a snowy, wintry day make us feel warm all over…

  • I bought a copy of your book, signed by you and your mother, at the fair they held at Gratz last fall. I just only got around to reading and wanted to tell you that it’s a wonderful book and a story that really deserved to be told. I wish you all the luck in the world with bringing it to a larger audience. – Merrill
  • Congratulations on writing such a powerful story.  As I was reading 94 Maidens I often gave a running commentary to my husband.  There was such an engaging sense of immediacy to the stories, both past and present. – Nina
  • What a great presentation at the book store yesterday and an excellent book as well. I’m not the biggest reader in the world, but couldn’t put it down and finished the entire book by the time I went to bed last night…heart-breaking and inspiring at the same time. Congratulations!!! – Ken
  • Rhonda, it was great to see you at your book signing. I started reading the book Saturday night after a Purim party & could not put it down, stayed up way too late & finished it. What a story! I will recommend this book to all my friends & family. Thanks for sharing your family’s story. – Debbie
  • And now I hate that it took me so long to read your book. What a tragically emotional and somehow uplifting book you have written. You are truly a wonderful writer and I hope you write more. I will search you out for a hug!!!! –   Andy
Thank You!!!