5.0 out of 5 stars Inspired by true family history.
April 8, 2019 Format: Paperback
What an amazing book. To be able to follow the lives of your poor relatives through this horrible period is quite earth-shaking. I am in awe of the courage of the Jewish people living through such heart-wrenching happenings. I cried for their pain. Thank you for writing this and opening, hopefully, the next generations’ eyes.
Terry Zieminski

Thank you for your very kind and heartfelt 5-star Amazon review, Terry! I’m so glad that you were moved by my family’s sad and tragic Holocaust story. It is my hope as well, that future generations will learn from our not-too-distant, unfathomable past so that human beings do not repeat these horrors in the future.
With love and learning,

Teacher in Oregon using 94 Maidens!

Thank you, Ms. Paula Schafer for using 94 Maidens, both the viral YouTube video and the book and teacher’s guide, in your 7th grade Humanities classroom at Mt. View Middle School in Beaverton, Oregon! Thanks for joining the growing number of teachers nationwide who are utilizing 94 Maidens in the classroom to help satisfy Holocaust ed requirements. And thank you for testifying on behalf of the Oregon Holocaust education mandate! Hopefully, your bill will pass soon, but it’s good to know that amazing teachers like you were already leading the way! Kudos! I hope that your students find it a meaningful lesson and one they’ll never forget.
With lots of love and gratitude always, Rhonda

“Thank you’s” from students!

Recently received a stack of full-page, hand-written “thank you’s” from the students at Holicong Middle School for visiting them, telling them my story of advocacy, bringing a Holocaust survivor for them to meet, and WWII artifacts for them to see & touch. They were especially inspired by the story of 14-yr. old Claire Sarnowski, a girl their age, who is changing history in Oregon by leading the charge to mandate Holocaust education there. One student, A.J. wrote, “History is the most important teacher. And denying that notion is denial of reality, and the value of learning itself.” I thought Churchill must have said that, but no, it was actually A.J.! Really bright kids, plus and an amazingly innovative teacher, equals an unforgettable learning experience. It’s a recipe that never fails! I thank you profoundly, Mrs. T. and students, for all of your heartfelt messages! I’ll treasure them always! ~ Rhonda ♥️

Schools seeking a similar program please email 94maidens@gmail.com


5.0 out of 5 stars A must read!
From a 14-year-old student, a recent Amazon verified purchase review!

“As a 14-year-old high school student, I have read many novels relating to the topics of the Holocaust and stories of survivors, but few parallel Rhonda Fink-Whitman’s “94 Maidens”. From the first few pages of the novel, I was hooked. Fink-Whitman not only eloquently tells stories from both the past and present, but also sheds light on this horrific part of history we must never forget. The writing style and pace of this novel allow the reader to fully absorb each detail and become connected to the story. I was able to feel every ounce of emotion and passion with Rhonda as she went through her journey. This novel embodies the lessons of compassion, resistance, and survival. I strongly recommend this moving novel to people both young and old and believe it echos the messages we should teach to future generations. I have been inspired by this author to continue fighting for Holocaust and genocide education in schools and thankful she put her incredible story into print.” ~ Claire Sarnowski

Dear sweet 14-year-old Claire, thank you so much for your amazing 5-star review on Amazon! Claire, you are the mini-me of Oregon and I’m so proud of the work you have done to mandate Holocaust education in your state! Survivor Alter Wiener was so very proud of you too! You are wise beyond your years and you inspire other kids your age to know that they too can right a wrong, effect change, and make a difference in their community and in their world. Thank you for this beautiful review and most importantly, thank you for being YOU!
~ With lots of love always, Rhonda


#FiveStarFriday! 5.0 out of 5 stars “Five stars for Rhonda Fink-Whitman! A must read! Rhonda did an amazing job! It was beautifully written! I couldn’t put it down.
I passed this book onto all of my friends!” 

by Amazon Customer, March 15, 2019 Format: Kindle Edition
Thank you so much for the wonderful 5-star review, Amazon customer! I’m so glad that you found 94 Maidens to be a quick and meaningful read and that you recommended it to all of your friends! What better compliment could there be than that?! I am so grateful! Thanks again!
~ Rhonda

Nebraska is next state to consider mandating Holocaust education!

Another state takes action! Nebraska considers bill to mandate Holocaust education! Let’s give this bill all the support it needs. LB640 introduced by NE Senator Sara Howard of Omaha – Bravo! Read about it here.

Meanwhile, advocates in Arizona and Washington State need to amend their Holocaust education bills and strengthen the language to read “MUST” or “SHALL” teach and not just “encourage” or “recommend” which would not change the status quo. Right now, these two bills are not mandates! If you live in AZ or WA, please call your state legislators and speak up now! Urge them to amend those bills! THANK YOU!!

Oregon Senate Passes Mandate!

Half way there! Oregon’s Holocaust education mandate passed unanimously in the State Senate today! Now on to the House! Best team ever led by our 14-year old Supergirl, Claire Sarnowski! State Senate also unanimously passed a resolution honoring the late, great Alter Wiener! Well done!! #OR11