5.0 out of 5 stars for 94 Maidens By Sally

“A must read about events that many try to deny.  Even here in the United States we were guilty of the sin of omission by not letting the St. Louis dock and unload.  All that’s required for evil to reign supreme is that people just are indifferent.”
Thank you so much for your five star review and your very kind words on Amazon, Sally!  You are so right!  Being a bystander makes you complicit.  Denial does not serve humanity. We must rise up against genocide.  Glad to have your voice on our team!  #neveragain ~ Rhonda

On the 70th Anniversary of the boarding of the St. Louis

Author/activist Rhonda Fink-Whitman with St. Louis survivor, Ronnie Breslow at the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center’s Scholar in Residence luncheon.

70 years ago today, Ronnie and her mother boarded the ship with tickets to freedom, for which they paid dearly, only to be turned back to Nazi occupied Europe by both Cuba and the US.

Pictured below, Dr. Lisa Kirschenbaum of West Chester University speaking about the siege of Leningrad at the Philmont Country Club.  Survivors and friends attended the event.

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This guy!


There are some politicians who know what is important, tell the truth, follow up, and give credit where credit is due.  THANK YOU for continuing to champion our PA Holocaust ed law Senator John C. Rafferty, Jr.!  You are truly a stand-up guy and we are extremely lucky to have you in Harrisburg!  It’s legislators like you who renew our faith in the system. If only we could clone you in 44 more states!  God bless you!









Watch Senator Rafferty’s remarks on the floor of the Pennsylvania General Assembly here


5.0 out of 5 stars Incredibly powerful book! By Eugene Hurwitz

“Hard to put down, but hard to keep reading because of the intensity. A true story in novelized form. It helps the reader feel what it was like to be in those places at that time.”

Thank you for your kind review and for giving readers an idea of what they can expect when reading 94 Maidens​, Eugene!  So very much appreciated! ~ Rhonda

Holocaust Survivor Rivets Parents and Students with Harrowing Tale

Another amazingly impactful, inspiring, and educational experience was had by all at Temple Judea of Bucks County.

We were honored to hear a presentation from our dear friend, ‪‎Auschwitz‬ survivor, Mr. David Tuck.

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Trial begins for “Accountant of Auschwitz”

The trial of former Nazi guard Oskar Groening, dubbed the “Accountant of Auschwitz” by the media, began this week.  Groening was on duty the day 94 Maidens’ Manfred (pictured on the book cover) was forced to walk through the gates of hell.

94 Maidens worked with German prosecutors to gather co-plaintiffs for this case.

Read about the trial here


Groening admits he is morally guilty.  We are praying for justice.  #neveragain


5.0 out of 5 stars “A superior educator, and a faithful friend to our Jewish …” By Michele Machles

“Speaking as a Jewish Educator, Rhonda Fink Whitman has proven herself to be a valuable author and teacher.  In 94 Maidens, as we make this journey with Rhonda to unravel the details of her familys’ past we are taught history and Jewish values as she generously and lovingly shares her family’s difficult truth to freedom.  It is clear Rhonda is a devoted daughter, a superior educator, and a faithful friend to our Jewish culture.  This is an excellent book and a marvelous teaching tool that recalls a very tragic and difficult period of human existence.”

Thank you so much for the kind words and for reading and recommending my book, Michele!  It makes me very happy that you connected to it in such a meaningful way! ~ Rhonda