Williams for Mayor!

94 Maidens author Rhonda Fink-Whitman and friends attended a fundraiser for the next mayor of Philadelphia, Anthony Hardy Williams.  Williams successfully introduced the bill to require Holocaust and Genocide education in the Pennsylvania State Senate.  He has our vote!  We celebrated Hungarian Holocaust survivor Paul Gidaly’s 90th Birthday too!
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Christians and Jews share a Biblical bond

Temple Judea of Bucks County’s Confirmation Academy meets The Almond Branch Initiative and learns about all that they do to support the IDF and the land of Israel!

Thanks for speaking to our students Jill and Joan!  It was a pleasure and an honor to have you as our guests!

The Almond Branch Initiative is a non-profit organization.
Please support them and the good work they do if you can.

A Journey into the Holocaust

A documentary film about the Holocaust like no other.

This film by first-time filmmaker Paul Bachow is a detailed and deeply personal exploration into genocide and how something this atrocious happened, and continues to happen again and again – even in modern times. Bachow, traveled around the world and tapped into a vast knowledge base of historians, psychology practitioners, and data derived from countless interviews with experts from around the world.

Facts are corroborated and weaved together with first-hand accounts of Holocaust survivors. With only 6 U.S. states mandating Holocaust education, Bachow’s goal is that this film becomes an educational tool in schools for generations to come.

Educators, if interested, please visit the website for access to the film.

New Videos!

94 Maidens has uploaded new ‪‎YouTube‬ video clips of an interview with ‎Hungarian‬ ‎Holocaust‬ survivor, Agnes.

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Watch here: Eleven years old
                   Wishing for Scarlet Fever
                   After the war
                   What’s the lesson?
                   Do you believe in God? 

AIPAC Policy Conference 2015

94 Maidens author/activist Rhonda Fink-Whitman attended her first AIPAC conference and she describes how uplifting, encouraging, and motivating it was!

Being in the same room as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and hearing him speak was a dream come true!  From Rabbi Delcau’s spiritual Havdalah service which kicked off our event to watching Bibi’s historic speech from inside the Capitol with “Team Temple Judea” it was a memorable and enlightening experience all the way!  Of the many things I discovered about Israel’s relationship with the US, the most important take away for me was that we are not alone in our love and support of the Jewish state.  Best of all, upon returning, I had the honor and pleasure of teaching my Confirmation Academy students everything I learned and having them conduct mock “lobby” efforts of their own.  The students enjoyed it immensely and said they were inspired to be future leaders of the Jewish community who will stand for Israel!  Some even asked if they could join us at AIPAC next year!  L’dor vador!” ~ Rhonda










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5.0 out of 5 stars Beautifully interwoven stories By MRosenthol
94 Maidens is a book that you will pick up and finish in one or two sittings.  The author is efficient and the stories not only move quickly but are PERFECTLY interwoven!  Fink-Whitman will take you on a ride through history and land you firmly in the present.  Not only will you will find out what happens to everyone, but be able to dive in even deeper into the story as it is based on actual events.  The characters are so perfectly developed that I don’t think you can hear about the survivors of the Holocaust and their families again, without feeling like you are one or the other.  I cried real tears!”
A long overdue thank you for this one, MRosenthol!  I love everything about it!  The weather may be icy but this 5-star review really warms my heart! ~ Rhonda



94 Maidens is a rich story that would not only benefit an adult reader, but a mature teen as well.  The story includes young children that I believe other teens could relate to.  If you are a Hebrew School teacher or History Teacher, this book would serve your students well to stimulate discussion.  The book is easy to read which young people appreciate. I enjoyed that I could I read it quickly and become engrossed in the story.”

Thank you, justBstill!  We have gotten great feedback from students and teachers alike who have read “94 Maidens”​ and found it both engaging and informative.  Your recommendation and your 5-star review are very much appreciated!!! ~ Rhonda

Please keep those 5-star reviews coming on Amazon.com!  A book can never have too many of those and it’s never too late to write one for 94 Maidens!  Thank you!  :)