Un Ponte per Anne Frank (A Bridge to Anne Frank)

Ciao Italia!  Read Un ponte per Anne Frank – A Bridge to Anne Frank’s Italian interview with 94 Maidens author Rhonda Fink Whitman!  Please “like” the page on Facebook too!

94 Maidens is proud to announce an American/Italian partnership with A Bridge to Anne Frank in promoting Holocaust and Genocide education and building awareness of Human Rights Violations and the rise of anti-Semitism in both the US and Italy.

Grazie to Sofia Domino for the awesome interview!  If your Italian is rusty (or sadly non-existent like Rhonda’s), please read it in English here  

William Tennent H.S. Part Deux

English teacher Mrs. Shannon Christine doesn’t need a law to mandate that she teach the lessons of the Holocaust to her students. She invited us back to Warminster, PA for a second year and this time we brought survivor Manya Frydman Perel to speak to the students about the will to live, the strength of faith, and the ability to hope.

Thank you, Mrs. Christine and students for inviting us! It was truly an educational and inspired morning!

Temple Judea does it again!

88 year-old Holocaust survivor Ilse Lindemeyer describes for students and parents her harrowing childhood experiences which led to the Kindertransport in Nazi Germany, then our student Emma Zucker and her amazingly talented troupe perform an incredibly moving dance which depicts three sisters being torn apart as they are forced to board the trains to England.

Not a dry eye in the house.  

Ilse was the exact same age as the dancers, 12 yrs. old, when she was forced to board the Kindertransport. Ironically, she was also a dancer.

Thank you, Ilse, Emma, Olivia and Leah for an unforgettable lesson!


You need to buy this book (story). By Terri Tiley

“A personal journey that pulls you in, takes you along, and takes your breath away. It is a book that you have a hard time putting down, you want it in your hand to know what happens next. (The book jacket feels great!) It was our Book Club selection and it was the best discussion in our 10 year history. Rhonda Fink-Whitman is a great storyteller.”

Thank you for selecting 94 Maidens for your book club to read, Terri! I’m so glad that each of you found meaning in my family’s story! Your very kind review is truly appreciated!! ~ Rhonda



“A genuinely awesome read, 94 Maidens is an extraordinary, as well as instructive, personal journey (fortunately shared) that often left me misty-eyed. Rhonda Fink-Whitman’s book is a vessel filled with horrific history, profound loss, heart-wrenching endurance and survival, and the poignancy and power of human and family connection both during the Holocaust and today. 94 Maidens is, after all, a story of unbreakable connections – the intensely relevant connection between the past and the present, the deepest connection of the heart that lovingly bind mothers to their daughters and daughters to their mothers, and the connection felt by the Jewish people to the legacy of the generations that came before and to the Six Million innocent Jews — men, women, and children — who perished at the hands of the Nazis. Furthermore, 94 Maidens is a book about courage, courage to preserve one’s core identity, one’s dignity, and the cherished values that lift us up from being simply human to being blessedly humane. I will be enthusiastically passing 94 Maidens around for my friends to read!”

Wow! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I. Pachman! It is truly a blessing to receive such a beautifully reverent review! Now I’m the one who is misty-eyed! I am so grateful that you connected to 94 Maidens in such a meaningful way, enough to recommend it to your closest friends! I appreciate it more than words can say! ~ Rhonda

Pine Tree Farms Book Club!

What a classy affair at the lovely home of Terri and Bob Tiley!

Was that a book club gathering or a fancy Bar Mitzvah???

Thank you for your amazing hospitality!  It was a pleasure to meet the awesome ladies of the PTF Book Club!  You really made me feel like one of the gang!  I could hang with you fun gals every day of the week! ~ Rhonda  — in Feasterville, PA.

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